Thursday, November 23, 2006

pearl (aka Angel Piss)

Pearl (aka Angel Piss)
is another almost but not quite unlistenable mix for you to struggle with.
Maybe it'll make sense like one of those daft messy pictures
you had to "look through" in order to see the 3d picture hidden within
If you were lucky the illusion would miraculously float before your eyes.
Maybe this'll be the same but with ears!!
Or perhaps it'll just induce the painful headache and the irritating feeling
of wasted time that gazing at those magic-eye pics gave me.
I hope its the former.

Here are most of the tracks.

Anestis Delias - o ponos tou prezakia
Pink Martini - Sympathique
Ed Askew - 9 Song
Kettel - Whom
The Teddy Bears - To Know Him Is To Love Him
Nina & Frederick - Little Donkey
Prince Far I & The Arabs - Glory to God
Acid Mothers Temple - Electric Love Machine
Ultra Nate - Free
The Orb - Valley
Mercedes Sosa - Gracias a la vida
Skream - Monsoon (Loefah mix)
The littlest Hobo - Spanish Version
Harold Budd & Brian Eno - First Light
Peter & Paul Lewis - Ethiopian Land
Elkie Brooks - Pearl's a singer
Red Planet - Sex in Zero Gravity

Length 32:32 Size 22.3 mb

3 instances of Winamp.
Spontaneous selection of tracks i.e. no prelistening and cueing.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

bury that flu

Lord relieve me from this viral attack.
Get thee gone from my neck.
Give me back my faculties.

Ach well.
Meanwhile here is some kind of
cure I mixed up rough and ready style in my sonic cauldron.
Newts and frogs all round but no octopi or eels in any Japanese places.

Potion may include:

burial - southern comfort
helios - velius
booker t and mgs - sweet potato
tori amos - god (carl craig mix)
delmore brothers - blues stay away from me
black dog - drexian R.I.D.E.
jack and the rippers - heart attack
eric burdon and the new animals - paint it black (live)
luxurious bags - (unknown)
andi thakambau - isa lei (from Fiji)

length 21:53
size 15 mb

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Got a match? That's better.
Picture the scene.
Dusk by the cavemouth.
The hearth alight.
Then through the night a variety of stage sets
all lit by the same firelight.
The scene changes are quite abrupt but
with the morning comes a dawn chorus to win you over.

Sans Soleil - Guidance 66 (remix)
Ween - Among his tribe
Thin White Rope - Burn the flame (Roky Erickson)
Nina Pastori - Tu me camelas
A.L. Lloyd - Bluey Brink
Xela - Bobble hats in summer
Galaxie 500 - Strange
Wooden Horse - Celebration song
Dominik Eulberg - Die seeadler der mueritz
Dave Angel - Airborne (Carl Craig mix)

Length 32:47
Size 22.5 mb

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

rape of the wild west end

A lot has changed since those free
and easy Soho Knopflerisms
forever captured in the lines such as
"greasy greasy greasy hair,
easy smile"

What is wrong with a chilled out pervert's cruise
down the old west end?

Nuffink, thats what I say.

But things've changed.
This guy was getting fresh coffee beans
from the old Italian deli before all you Starfuckers
even knew it came from beans.

Anyway, none of that explains the irritating
mess I've made of said track.

Feel free to delete yourself whilst listening...

dire straits - wild west end
fluxion - outerside

length 6.41
size 4.59 mb

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Maggot Invasion

Maggot Invasion

In London N7 no less.
This show is hosted by the one and only Dweller.
Master MC in full effect.
Well I managed to figure out how to speak/record with ok sound levels
using my DJ software - Huzzah!!
So sorry if I spoil the music for you by opening my gob at the wrong time, you'll just have to lump it.
Oh and mind my language kiddywinks.
Yay, I just found a screwed-up voice link
between ween and aux88 - drat.

A todos los espanoles y latinos, perdona que aqui no hay musica en su lengua.
Voy a cortar los dedos ahora mismo.

Ruth Brown - As long as I'm moving
Shit Clod Chuckers - Today has been a good day
Lawrence - Deep Summer Hole
Pierre Henry - Variation Tirement
Kamalesh Maitra - Raag Bhupal Todi
F.J. McMahon - Early Blue
Judee Sill - Crayon Angels
Isis - Backlit
Ween - Laura
Aux 88 - The Countdown

Friday, September 01, 2006


shhh, its late

perhaps its time for some "quietism" -
the practise of resigning oneself to mental inactivity
to bring the soul into direct unity with God.

well if that sounds a bit out of reach
why not try this wee enigmatic radio show instead

Beach Boys - Magic Transistor Radio
Those Poor Bastards - Black Dog Yodel
Sans Soleil - Sahara VHF
Isan - No.1 Lent et douloureux (Satie)
Kingston Trio - Those who are wise
Brian Eno - Menace
Bary Manilow - Mandy
Helios - Light House
Juana Molina - Rio Seco
Bo Diddley - Aztec
Arty Fufkin - All I need is a smile (Air and Lily Allen)
Julie London - In the wee small hours of the morning
Seamus Ennis - The wounded Hussar (air)

Sunday, August 27, 2006

In her hands

You're gonna love this one,
I promise you.
This has proper un-mashed songs,
a pretty good flow,
and no shocking ugliness and harshness.
Yet it will still provide you
with enough of the quark, strangeness and charm
that you expect from
a childwithoutaniPod mix.
There is cosmic optimism at the heart
of this baby.
We open with the "should be world famous"
Columbian band Aterciopelados, what a voice!
I just can't but help smile when I hear these French Doves
sing an English hymn.
A beautiful mystic seashore song from the Scottish greats.
New soon to be released frozen-tech-dub from Denmark's Trentemoller.
Wevie Stonder break the ice in their own inimitable style.
Hall & Oates sing their smooth insincerities and did they steal
Gene Clark's rhythm? You decide.
Gene with his Zen lyrics is masterful in this piece.
Aterciopelados get global again and pass around the pipe of peace.

Aterciopelados - Platonico
Folk Dove - Lord of the dance
Bread Love and Dreams - The strange tale of Captain Shannon
Trentemoller - The very last resort
Wevie Stonder - Gagged & Bound
Hall & Oates - Alone too long
Gene Clark - Winter in
Aterciopelados - La Pipa de la Paz

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


If you haven't lost your happy coloured marbles
after listening to this mix then you are made of stronger
stuff than I.

This is a labrynthine mash of moody dark themes and subconscious
triggers. Hopefully it is like a healthy nightmare,
or a risky potholing expedition, you'll be glad to get out the other side and look back fondly saying, that was great but please,
never again!!

Celebrating the return of the clueless TV show,
this fall.
Celebrating the return of the superb yet frightening
techno club night in London starring Jeff Mills, Laurent Garnier,
Rhythm and Sound and Steve Bicknell and a crowd of techno nutters.
My heart my soul my innocence my grace my smile my light my soil
my grass my sky my fire my hole.
Or as Slade once sang "we all need some lovin' my oh my"

Tracks featured include:

Los Hermanos - Lines of Nazca
Arpanet - Event Horizon
Dire Straits - Expresso Love
Relatively Clean Rivers - Journey Through the valley of O
Bokaj Retsiem - Pill
Octave Once - Covenant
The harmonic Choir and David Hykes
Aqua Bassino - Ibiza
Jimi Hendrix - World Traveller
The KLF - Waiting for the rights of Mu

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

deep in green

Hey, I went for another walk on the Heath.
You should go, there are lovely green woods
buzzing noisily with formation hoverflies
apocalypse now style.
I talked with a Wall Brown butterfly.
She said go home and do a MOFOing mix.
So I did.
Enjoy Kit-Kats.

Bodenstandig 2000 - Saureschnauze
The Jesus and Mary Chain - Deep one perfect morning
Bread Love and Dreams - Virgin Kiss
Isan - Cinnabar
Harmonia - Walky-Talky
Congo Natty Meets Tenor Fly - H.I.M. War Dub
Van Morrison - You've got the power
Julian Cope - Conspiracist Blues
Wolfmangler - The mangling of Tasmanian wolves
A Guy Called Gerald - Cops
Callinan-Flynn - Paddy's green shamrock shore

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

ride with me


Here is first in what will
probably become a parrallel
podcast to accompany these mixes.
This is a much more straight-forward
play tune, talk, play another tune show.
Nothing fancy (yet).

Unfortunately I am very tired and didn't notice
that the sound was being clipped at times.
What I have to say between tracks is rather humdrum and
unenthusiastic, but I promise that this will improve.
I just did this for the spontanaeity factor
that I wholeheartedly believe in and adhere to.

No tracklisting as I mention them in the show.

Hugs and kisses listeners,
this one gets soppy.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


location of the orginal Red Rocks.
My Grandparents lived there on Marine Road.
We spent many half terms,
christmases and eastersin Hoylake.
We'd often walk along the desolate windy beach
and back across the Golf Links.
Now Hoylake along with Lebanon is squarely on the Map
due to The British Open Golf tournament being played there
this week.

I dedicate this mix to wanking in your grandparents
bathroom using the shaving mirror to make your dick look big.

starts off with a little
Black Dog production
Van Morrison who was that masked man
along the way comes Juana Molina
Chambao with desconocido
Magic Carpet - La La
an Erik B for President remix
John Lennon writing She said she said
JJ Cale is crying
King Tubby is there
an Oval meditation
Bread's If
a track from Helios
Hallucinator does some farting
Syd Barrett with a 1974 boogie
USA USA by Blacksmoke
Beatles do a version of Rain
Detroit Escalator Co with Gathering Memory
Anne Briggs is living by water
TV Victor vibes in
Vibrating Cancer Pants from an AMW compilation
Hawkwind has an Iron Dream
Pitman has sugar in his peas
Espers tries to come on the scene
But they're kicked out by Gnarls favourite
Geordie by Trees
they are accompanied by the breeze blowing over the
Hoylake golf links....

NB this list covers more or less everything
but there maybe some I missed.
more instant three-way winamp action
I like this method of production
as there is no room for error,
you cannot preview the tracks
or do any loops or fancy speed changes.
All you have is three tracks with their own volume control.
Mind you,
I really fancied a piece of toast and a cup of tea half way through...

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Cock Up

Hallo Party People!
there, got it out of my system,
now for the gastric reflux...

This mix was made an hour or so before Tulips,
but the software used left a track out whenever
I tried to get the mix out.
So just now about a month later I had a relisten and figured, sod it
I'll just glue the two bits of mix together,
never mind the missing track.
I hereby name this shit...I mean ship... "Cock Up".

Diddley Daddley - The Super Super Blues Band
Urban Guerilla - Hawkwind
Dude Ranch Nurse - Sonic Youth
Jup Na Keeeeeel - Boredoms
The Inverted Man[falling] - The Detroit Escalator
Afternoon Delight - Starland Vocal Band
African Thing - Art
Eurphyoosh - Synthetic Socks
No Drum Machine - Three Chairs
Everything I Need - Tiger B. Smith
Briar Patch - Devin The Dude
Agraphobia (Kenny Larkin remix) - LA Synthesis
I'm Big Dick Black - someone from ween
Prajna Paramita Hridaya Sutra (Sutra Chant) - Tony Scott
360R2905 - 360 Records
360R2901 - 360 Records
Its No Good (When you feel bad) - Ween
Is A Dread In A Babylon - ?

The missing track was
Bring it on Home to Grandma - The Mississippi Mud Mashers

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

tulips - the third way

Instead of using my usual popular dj mix app,
I made this mix using one instance of itunes and
two instances of winamp for some three way sonic action.

So enjoy this atmsopheric,
largely electronic based mix.

I haven't got a tracklist for this one
but it includes
Carl Craig (a few tracks)
Aloe Die + Matthias Grassow
Brian Eno
The Books
The Orb
Irresistible Force
The Velvet Underground
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (again, sorry)
Derrick Carter
The Mighty Diamonds

plus a few other interlopers

(one aspect that got away here was my voice,
I was chatting sweet nothings over this mix with my mike,
but fortunately for you it turned out
I was recording wav sound only.)

Thursday, April 20, 2006

neither ER nor Casualty

Welcome to the latest installment of child without an iPod.

Not ER not Casualty, nor Scrubs or M*A*S*H* I might add, but???
This is the clue to the secret last track of this podcast.
Secret because I don't want major record companies sniffing round or cheeky teenagers in hoodies and baseball caps
trying to insult my mixing technique.

This "crazy" HOT HOT HOT last track has one more secret I shall reveal.
I learned from a kind source that this track samples
drums and guitar from a Trees track called "Geordie" from their
On The Shore LP. Listen to the Humpback Whale podcast for another track from this great LP.

Mark Shreeve - Ursa Major
Mark Kozelek - Bad Boy Boogie (Bon Scott)
Go Takao - The Morning That Sunset Cicadas Sing
Judas Priest - Diamonds and Rust (Joan Baez)
Jaques Brel - J'arrive
Rex Holman - Pink Lemonade
Saturnalia - Soul Song
The Human Beast - Appearance Is Everything, Style Is
The Leathercoated Minds - Puff (The Magic Dragon)
Secret Artist - Secret Title

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

slip slowly into spring

slip slowly into spring

is it or isn't it?
life on the heath
just me st francis and the f***in birds
and the bitchin rabbits and the birds and trees and
rabbits and dry leaves and wind and the pond light
and the new moon and the blue sky,
I run in heavy boots over green grass
I stand at the ley points
I meet strange phantom women who never speak
lie on a bench view the world upside down
cloudy sunsets again.
again it is spring and yes I did go near the f***in woods

Aaron SpectreMordor
Brigg - And You Know
Bread - Baby I'm a want you
Kettel - Pinch of Peer
Stallion 3000
Laurie Anderson - Oh Superman (remix)
Neutral Milk Hotel - You've Passed
Canterbury Music Festival - Why does everybody
Julie London - Its nice to be with you
Juana Molina- Desordenado
3 Chairs - Misty City
Orchestra Baobab - dee moo w or
Brigg - Universe
dweller - star of the county down
dweller - storyteller


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Humpback Whale

Here we go again.
Join me on this exploration of the lesser spotted
folk-styled music of yester-year.
Harsh oceanic reality, sitar whimsy, easyrideresque hazing,
delicate tinkling, then thunder, then rain, an adventure on
horseback, vocal guts, zen beat contemplation, and an historic Indian shanty.

The Humpback Whale - Nic Jones
Harvest Song - Magic Carpet
The Bearded Man - Merry Airbrakes
Rose Hip November - Vashti Bunyan
Dream - Dom
The Water Song - Incredible String Band
Murdoch - Trees
Seguiriyas - La Nina De Los Peines
Alita's Dream - A Guy Called Gerald (Zen Mix)
Brazil - Cornelius
Tamil Drama 2 - 17 Madras Fishermen

Thursday, January 19, 2006

round and round

round and round , get with it
dig it on, up and out,
serve it right, always with hunger
eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat

round and round

hayseed dixie - have a drink on me
pixies - head on
displacer - exponent
wang shanti & hsun wang - the lotus emerging from water
donovan - isle of islay (live)
daniel johnston - tuna ketchup
unknown artist - track from the dingleberry kid amw comp
boards of canada - corsair
carl craig - einbahn
babasonicos - los calientes
drexciya - the plankton organization
unknown artist - schwa-repetension
ween - round and round

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Latina ABBA Parade

Liven things up with this epic Latin funfest.
Intro and outro are heavy duty man!!
The power surges in slow and as the bagpipes
signal the arrival of something tantalisingly holy
the upbeat fun begins - you swing along
into Latin sunshine madness.
You better enjoy the warmth while you can.
You can hear warning signals,
they threaten to break the spell.
Suddenly you look out the window over
the bleak Highbury Rooftops.
The grey dungeon of cold skies darkening.
Brush away this realisation with a stoner rock meltdown.
Yes, it's Sunday again.

Latina Abba Parade

ABBA - Dame! Dame! Dame!
ABBA - Arrival
Cameron de la Isla - Volando Voy
Hedningarna - Vottikaalina
Latin Dreams - Quiero una Chica
Pastora - Lola
ABBA - Happy Hawaii
Ojos de Brujo - debajo 1 piedra
Hallucinator - Moonshot
Zen Guerrilla - Moonage Daydream