Tuesday, August 22, 2006


If you haven't lost your happy coloured marbles
after listening to this mix then you are made of stronger
stuff than I.

This is a labrynthine mash of moody dark themes and subconscious
triggers. Hopefully it is like a healthy nightmare,
or a risky potholing expedition, you'll be glad to get out the other side and look back fondly saying, that was great but please,
never again!!

Celebrating the return of the clueless TV show,
this fall.
Celebrating the return of the superb yet frightening
techno club night in London starring Jeff Mills, Laurent Garnier,
Rhythm and Sound and Steve Bicknell and a crowd of techno nutters.
My heart my soul my innocence my grace my smile my light my soil
my grass my sky my fire my hole.
Or as Slade once sang "we all need some lovin' my oh my"

Tracks featured include:

Los Hermanos - Lines of Nazca
Arpanet - Event Horizon
Dire Straits - Expresso Love
Relatively Clean Rivers - Journey Through the valley of O
Bokaj Retsiem - Pill
Octave Once - Covenant
The harmonic Choir and David Hykes
Aqua Bassino - Ibiza
Jimi Hendrix - World Traveller
The KLF - Waiting for the rights of Mu

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