Sunday, October 30, 2005

folking hell

please download this my first mix of this audio blog ,
I made it on a cloudy autumnal
sunday afternoon gazing over the
rooftops of Highbury feeling a bit mashed up
after the weekend's excesses

folking hell 128kbps mp3 35mb

38 minutes of
folking hell featuring these tracks

ween - stacey
arbol - son todas putas
ween - belvedine (unreleased)
cosmic cretins - reggae junkie jew
duncan browne - in a mist
ewan macoll - van dieman's land
mae west - a guy what takes his time
pierre henry - breath
rhythm and sound - mash down version
simon finn - jerusalem
stereolab - soup groove #1
television personalities - seasons in the sun
ween - boys club
ween - tuffy mufffy (unreleased)
the drum club - u make me feel so good
vashti bunyan - against the sky

welcome all

this will be the home
of my wondrous eclectic instinctive
musical mixes, the likes of which you will
never have heard before.
this is no mere clever mixing,
this is spontaneous heartfelt creation.
there's gonna be a montage of all
that great art out there
messed around by my pinkies and a keyboard,
welcome aboard