Monday, March 20, 2017

40 vision on

#eclectic mix #punkpop #electronica #ambient #world

Emerging from winter can be somewhat painful. 
The music contained herein my help you.


39 c'est difficile

#experimental ambient #folk #electronic music #world music #baroque pop

an autumn evening of difficult music awaits you courtesy of child without an ipod
with a slight subconcious nod to all hallows eve
"at the end of the garden - beneath those rotten old planks you forgot about - sits a tiny giggling goblin with giant waxy ever so sensitive ears who can hear what you whisper under your breath and even what you haven't said yet....
meanwhile here is some shit music"


38 Heatsink

#eclectic mix #alternative #electronic #instrumental #underground hip hop

It's so hot goddamn - wonderful - slow walk down the street - easy does it - summer breeze - lay down on the grass - meander - check the skies - stretch out your limbs


37 Worst DJ Eva

#deep techno #abstract #messy #experimental #comedy

what can I say - this is pretty bad - you get to hear my voice - suprise tracklisting - quite painfully bad most of the way through - but hey - maybe you fancy a bit of that - made by abusing virtual dj free software


34 London 2 Glasgow

Another one I forgot to post here. 

I recently became reacquainted with my old turntable.
So I decided to record some vinyl into a mix, well there is no mixing as I only have one turntable.
This was my first attempt from a couple of weeks ago.
It is mainly electronic music, but still has the Child Without An Ipod podcast flavour.
ie, there are some odd cheesy tracks as well as some classics.
It is called London2Glasgow as those were the two cities I lived in during the 1990s,
a time when I bought a lot of records.
I do have to get rid of some of my vinyl though, so if anyone wants that dreadful track with

the Police sample which is second last in this mix, just let me know and its yours!


33 Bleeding Nora

Somehow I missed this one from the blog oops 

Hallo fans, I thought I'd dust off the three winamps and create another cacophony. I may add tracknames if I can remember them,
To be honest this time I set up my winamps, put them on shuffle and then mixed live. Some tracks I skipped but most of them were just there. Hope it is enjoyable. Don't expect a smooth ride :-)


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Hello music fans. 
If you would like to download any of the shows for offline listening, you can try using this website. 
I'm not sure if it works.

I'm adding download links to the individual posts

by the way, there are some new mixes that I haven't added here yet,
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