Tuesday, April 04, 2006

slip slowly into spring

slip slowly into spring

is it or isn't it?
life on the heath
just me st francis and the f***in birds
and the bitchin rabbits and the birds and trees and
rabbits and dry leaves and wind and the pond light
and the new moon and the blue sky,
I run in heavy boots over green grass
I stand at the ley points
I meet strange phantom women who never speak
lie on a bench view the world upside down
cloudy sunsets again.
again it is spring and yes I did go near the f***in woods

Aaron SpectreMordor
Brigg - And You Know
Bread - Baby I'm a want you
Kettel - Pinch of Peer
Stallion 3000
Laurie Anderson - Oh Superman (remix)
Neutral Milk Hotel - You've Passed
Canterbury Music Festival - Why does everybody
Julie London - Its nice to be with you
Juana Molina- Desordenado
3 Chairs - Misty City
Orchestra Baobab - dee moo w or
Brigg - Universe
dweller - star of the county down
dweller - storyteller

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