Sunday, August 27, 2006

In her hands

You're gonna love this one,
I promise you.
This has proper un-mashed songs,
a pretty good flow,
and no shocking ugliness and harshness.
Yet it will still provide you
with enough of the quark, strangeness and charm
that you expect from
a childwithoutaniPod mix.
There is cosmic optimism at the heart
of this baby.
We open with the "should be world famous"
Columbian band Aterciopelados, what a voice!
I just can't but help smile when I hear these French Doves
sing an English hymn.
A beautiful mystic seashore song from the Scottish greats.
New soon to be released frozen-tech-dub from Denmark's Trentemoller.
Wevie Stonder break the ice in their own inimitable style.
Hall & Oates sing their smooth insincerities and did they steal
Gene Clark's rhythm? You decide.
Gene with his Zen lyrics is masterful in this piece.
Aterciopelados get global again and pass around the pipe of peace.

Aterciopelados - Platonico
Folk Dove - Lord of the dance
Bread Love and Dreams - The strange tale of Captain Shannon
Trentemoller - The very last resort
Wevie Stonder - Gagged & Bound
Hall & Oates - Alone too long
Gene Clark - Winter in
Aterciopelados - La Pipa de la Paz

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