Thursday, January 19, 2006

round and round

round and round , get with it
dig it on, up and out,
serve it right, always with hunger
eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat

round and round

hayseed dixie - have a drink on me
pixies - head on
displacer - exponent
wang shanti & hsun wang - the lotus emerging from water
donovan - isle of islay (live)
daniel johnston - tuna ketchup
unknown artist - track from the dingleberry kid amw comp
boards of canada - corsair
carl craig - einbahn
babasonicos - los calientes
drexciya - the plankton organization
unknown artist - schwa-repetension
ween - round and round

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Latina ABBA Parade

Liven things up with this epic Latin funfest.
Intro and outro are heavy duty man!!
The power surges in slow and as the bagpipes
signal the arrival of something tantalisingly holy
the upbeat fun begins - you swing along
into Latin sunshine madness.
You better enjoy the warmth while you can.
You can hear warning signals,
they threaten to break the spell.
Suddenly you look out the window over
the bleak Highbury Rooftops.
The grey dungeon of cold skies darkening.
Brush away this realisation with a stoner rock meltdown.
Yes, it's Sunday again.

Latina Abba Parade

ABBA - Dame! Dame! Dame!
ABBA - Arrival
Cameron de la Isla - Volando Voy
Hedningarna - Vottikaalina
Latin Dreams - Quiero una Chica
Pastora - Lola
ABBA - Happy Hawaii
Ojos de Brujo - debajo 1 piedra
Hallucinator - Moonshot
Zen Guerrilla - Moonage Daydream