Thursday, July 20, 2006


location of the orginal Red Rocks.
My Grandparents lived there on Marine Road.
We spent many half terms,
christmases and eastersin Hoylake.
We'd often walk along the desolate windy beach
and back across the Golf Links.
Now Hoylake along with Lebanon is squarely on the Map
due to The British Open Golf tournament being played there
this week.

I dedicate this mix to wanking in your grandparents
bathroom using the shaving mirror to make your dick look big.

starts off with a little
Black Dog production
Van Morrison who was that masked man
along the way comes Juana Molina
Chambao with desconocido
Magic Carpet - La La
an Erik B for President remix
John Lennon writing She said she said
JJ Cale is crying
King Tubby is there
an Oval meditation
Bread's If
a track from Helios
Hallucinator does some farting
Syd Barrett with a 1974 boogie
USA USA by Blacksmoke
Beatles do a version of Rain
Detroit Escalator Co with Gathering Memory
Anne Briggs is living by water
TV Victor vibes in
Vibrating Cancer Pants from an AMW compilation
Hawkwind has an Iron Dream
Pitman has sugar in his peas
Espers tries to come on the scene
But they're kicked out by Gnarls favourite
Geordie by Trees
they are accompanied by the breeze blowing over the
Hoylake golf links....

NB this list covers more or less everything
but there maybe some I missed.
more instant three-way winamp action
I like this method of production
as there is no room for error,
you cannot preview the tracks
or do any loops or fancy speed changes.
All you have is three tracks with their own volume control.
Mind you,
I really fancied a piece of toast and a cup of tea half way through...

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