Friday, August 29, 2014

Slovak Hotdog

after a long break - child without an ipod is back in the saddle - with an old school three winamp spontaneous mashymixup - rough as you like with extra red trousers on top
 listening to it is a bit like being put through the washing machine and not on the delicate setting - more like heavily soiled after you've had an accident involving cheese
p.s. tracklist in no particular order - some missing - sorry -

photo used with creative commons license 
it is by Rana Sinha 

Thursday, April 01, 2010

When I Grow Up

WHen I GRow Up is a nouveau mixage by
that faberge egg head known as dweller,
it forms part of the lesser podded spodcast benamed
Child Without an Ipod.

... back to the mix in hand.
It is called When I grow up and it was made using the wonderful but bemusing software
named after a piece of agricultural equipment. Tractor.
Not Ukrainian no no no and quadrice no.

So this growing up mix doesn't feature any Kettel even though he is the greatest Dutchman ever.

Instead you may find Black Sabbath nuzzling up with Enya, an irresistible combination I'm sure you will agree.

read no further if you want a suprise listen.
Here is the magical tracklist. The mix doesn't go in this order. So deal. That's how I rock. OK?

ultramarine - ambush
enya - water shows the hidden heart
Juana Molina y Alejandro Franov - Idioma
Ween - Kim Smoltz
Mark Kozelek - rock n roll singer
Black Sabbath - A national acrobat
Mercury rev - peaceful night
C.O.B. - spirit of love
Beach Boys - cool, cool water
Headhunters - Mugic

Thursday, September 27, 2007

full of grace

length 34:33
size 24.2MB

September Gurl doo dah dooo
had a little curl
right in the middle of her gracehead.

The rabbits track is from a free download album
on the online label based in Netherlands called weirdomusic.
Go check out the rabbits here.

"full of grace" is a splendid collection of music if I say so myself.

Go-Kart Mozart - Listening To Marmalade
Eddie & Ernie - Lay Lady Lay
The Railway Raver - Keith's trumpets.
The Rabbits - Tower
Ayalèw Mèsfin - Hasabé
Ana y Jaime - Jerusalem
Brian Eno - An Ending (Ascent)
Erik Satie - Trois Gnossiennes : I. Lent
Lida Husik - Fatigue
Los Hermanos - The Very Existence
Timbercreek - Stoned Cold Turkey
Dinamita Pa Los Pollos - Bourbon
Kostas Roukounas - O Fthisikos
Vulcans Hammer - Jamie (1972)
Moistboyz - American Made And Duty-Free
Jan & Lorraine - Bird Of Passage

Monday, August 06, 2007

after sun milk

After sun milk

Ha ha ,
God knows where this came from,
a three winamp special.
I missed playing with stereo.
Not very summery really but what the hell.
I've been listening to this old Art Garfunkel
album that was one of my mum's favourites called Watermark.
The Spanish song by queyi is touch out of place,
but you know me, I need to throw in Spanish songs at odd moments.
Anyway I hope you enjoy it.
This is very rough and ready with lots
of those overlappy wtf is going on bits.

Audience - House on the hill
Dark Energy - Stargate
Redshape - alone on mars?
Dan Curtin - Population 2
Flower Travellin' Band - Satori Pt 3
Art Garfunkel - she moves through the fair
Cluster & Eno - One
Holly Dolly - My Name is Dolly
Queyi - Bye bye song
The irresistible force - waveform
Crusaders - Street Life
Spiritualized - Angel Sigh (live)
Fursaxa - Neon Lights
Art Garfunkel - Saturday Suit
The Upsetter Feat. Brad Osbourne - Little flute chant.

length 34:08
size 26.93mb

Thursday, June 14, 2007


gratuitously named
this is one pussy that'll keep you purring right to the end

lap up a loop of Bengali in Platforms by Morrissey
scratch your neck to Calabi Yau Manifold by Dopplereffekt
lick your ring with no shame to Gs by Scarface
roll on your back to Inca by Minilogue
blink your cats eyes to Mind of a Panther by Dark Energy
Sleep all day to Part 4 by Yatha Sidra
let egyptians praise you to the sound of Secure Yourself by Indigo Girls
Kiss your siamese twin named Tai Orathai
Howl "A Su Duce Italianu" in the alley
Steal food from the dinner table to Guilty by Bonnie Raitt
The Brazilian Girls are singing your song Pussy.
Ask Calle 13 to let you in again by miaoowing "La Cumbia de los Aburridos" from the window ledge.

length 33:49
size 23.4 mb

"who's the fool now" didn't make it this time and nor did Les Dawson.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

fromage de tete

fromage de tete

so here we are
and no les dawson in sight
instead a trip down metamemory lane
tangerine sound like a French version of a group featured in an earlier episode of cwaip
called Wooden Horse - very nice.
christopher cross is amongst the kings of smooth yacht rock and this is one of his finest.
grover will take you to sexy sax heaven.
kris can strip womens clothes off with his gravelly voice.
colleen will lead us into temptation.
dopplereffekt marks out the darkside of life.
slickers give a well known siren's warning.
bob desper delivers a rare spiritual song of
guidance and hope, while the cheesy uplifting ending is left to donna summer as mixed by moodswings.

tangerine - liberte
christopher cross - sailing
grover washington jr. - make me a memory (sad samba)
kris kristofferson - help me make it through the night
colleen - echoes and coral
dopplereffekt - pornoviewer
the slickers - johnny too bad
bob desper - to a friend of mine
moodswings - spiritual high (state of independence)

length 35:22
size 27 mb

Saturday, May 19, 2007


It's been May showers here in London.
If you have not sensed the dread and doom that I've been
feeling. Then this may be your silver opportunity.
In fact this mix isn't a downer - just my skull cavity jelly
talking rot.
The world cup cricket song is a bit late but it needed playing.

Lata - rasik balma hai re dil kyon lagaaya
Fern Kinney - together we are beautiful
Ultramarine (ft Robert Wyatt) - kingdom
John Barry - Florida Fantasy
Tuli Kupferberg - I was much mistaken
Omni Trio - living for the future (FBD Project VIP Remix)
Saba - World Cup Cricket Dance
Dogbowl - Rosemary in red
Rapa Choir - Te vahine ororagni
Infiniti - thought process
the beach boys - marylin rovell
LFO - you have to understand
Idir - Zwit Rwit

size 21.4 mb
length 30:48

Friday, May 04, 2007

child without a myspace

enter the child without an ipod myspace
and listen to exclusive tracks.
I have added many of the artists featured in the shows
as myspace friends so find out more about them by visiting the page.
Plus if you are a listener and have a myspace page then
please add me as a friend.

I am having trouble logging into blogger at home at
the moment. They have a terrible coding problem mixing
the google logon javascript with the blogger start page.
So I won't be able to update the podcast as easily.
I'm praying that they fix it soon or I may have
to host this elsewhere...

Thursday, April 12, 2007


christ he has risen
and the headache in his temples is
fortified by the spring sun

sniff a rose and prick your bottom lip

an excercise in wrong speed techno

infiltrator - the fugitive from Tibet
Lothar and the hand people - rose colored glasses
The Congos - congoman
MC 900 ft Jesus - the city sleeps
Uusitalo - Nokkonen palvaunilla
Oliver Shanti & friends - Donovan my timeless cosmic friends
Karen Dalton - In the evening (from cafe a go go source)
Robert Hood - Public Enemy No. 1
family of god - funny love
Dominik Eulberg - Bjvrn Borkenkdfer (Edit)
boredoms - seadrum

size 25.5mb
length 34:21
rose.mp3 100kbps average variable bitrate LAME encoder

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Chaos Field

Chaos Field is the name of a Japanese vertical scrolling Shoot 'em up Arcade Game.
Usually about two minutes into playing such a game you find
there are thousands of shiny balls of death streaming across the
screen that you haven't a hope in hell of avoiding.

One for the noise-masking-pop fans.

this mix includes the following plus more

Carl Craig and Derrick May ?
A.L. Lloyd - The Foggy Dew
Gunther - Enormous emotion
Bogshed - Into me
Blue Sky Boys - Sweet Evalina
Andrea Echeverri - Quedate
The Light crust doughboys - Pussy Pussy Pussy
Cat - Meow
Audience - Harlequin
Brian Eno - I Dormienti
Big Star - Don't lie to me (rough edit)
PPR - Let me piss in your pussy
Serge Gainsbourg - Marilou sous la niege
Aurora Borealis
Ghormenghast - Lighthouse at the top of the world
Dom - Let me explain
Bardo Pond - Bufo Periglenes (Golden Toad) Parts I-III
Galaktan - Crystal
Mercury Rev - Boys peel out

size 24.6 mb
length 35:51