Thursday, April 01, 2010

When I Grow Up

WHen I GRow Up is a nouveau mixage by
that faberge egg head known as dweller,
it forms part of the lesser podded spodcast benamed
Child Without an Ipod.

... back to the mix in hand.
It is called When I grow up and it was made using the wonderful but bemusing software
named after a piece of agricultural equipment. Tractor.
Not Ukrainian no no no and quadrice no.

So this growing up mix doesn't feature any Kettel even though he is the greatest Dutchman ever.

Instead you may find Black Sabbath nuzzling up with Enya, an irresistible combination I'm sure you will agree.

read no further if you want a suprise listen.
Here is the magical tracklist. The mix doesn't go in this order. So deal. That's how I rock. OK?

ultramarine - ambush
enya - water shows the hidden heart
Juana Molina y Alejandro Franov - Idioma
Ween - Kim Smoltz
Mark Kozelek - rock n roll singer
Black Sabbath - A national acrobat
Mercury rev - peaceful night
C.O.B. - spirit of love
Beach Boys - cool, cool water
Headhunters - Mugic