Thursday, April 20, 2006

neither ER nor Casualty

Welcome to the latest installment of child without an iPod.

Not ER not Casualty, nor Scrubs or M*A*S*H* I might add, but???
This is the clue to the secret last track of this podcast.
Secret because I don't want major record companies sniffing round or cheeky teenagers in hoodies and baseball caps
trying to insult my mixing technique.

This "crazy" HOT HOT HOT last track has one more secret I shall reveal.
I learned from a kind source that this track samples
drums and guitar from a Trees track called "Geordie" from their
On The Shore LP. Listen to the Humpback Whale podcast for another track from this great LP.

Mark Shreeve - Ursa Major
Mark Kozelek - Bad Boy Boogie (Bon Scott)
Go Takao - The Morning That Sunset Cicadas Sing
Judas Priest - Diamonds and Rust (Joan Baez)
Jaques Brel - J'arrive
Rex Holman - Pink Lemonade
Saturnalia - Soul Song
The Human Beast - Appearance Is Everything, Style Is
The Leathercoated Minds - Puff (The Magic Dragon)
Secret Artist - Secret Title

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

slip slowly into spring

slip slowly into spring

is it or isn't it?
life on the heath
just me st francis and the f***in birds
and the bitchin rabbits and the birds and trees and
rabbits and dry leaves and wind and the pond light
and the new moon and the blue sky,
I run in heavy boots over green grass
I stand at the ley points
I meet strange phantom women who never speak
lie on a bench view the world upside down
cloudy sunsets again.
again it is spring and yes I did go near the f***in woods

Aaron SpectreMordor
Brigg - And You Know
Bread - Baby I'm a want you
Kettel - Pinch of Peer
Stallion 3000
Laurie Anderson - Oh Superman (remix)
Neutral Milk Hotel - You've Passed
Canterbury Music Festival - Why does everybody
Julie London - Its nice to be with you
Juana Molina- Desordenado
3 Chairs - Misty City
Orchestra Baobab - dee moo w or
Brigg - Universe
dweller - star of the county down
dweller - storyteller