Thursday, September 14, 2006

Maggot Invasion

Maggot Invasion

In London N7 no less.
This show is hosted by the one and only Dweller.
Master MC in full effect.
Well I managed to figure out how to speak/record with ok sound levels
using my DJ software - Huzzah!!
So sorry if I spoil the music for you by opening my gob at the wrong time, you'll just have to lump it.
Oh and mind my language kiddywinks.
Yay, I just found a screwed-up voice link
between ween and aux88 - drat.

A todos los espanoles y latinos, perdona que aqui no hay musica en su lengua.
Voy a cortar los dedos ahora mismo.

Ruth Brown - As long as I'm moving
Shit Clod Chuckers - Today has been a good day
Lawrence - Deep Summer Hole
Pierre Henry - Variation Tirement
Kamalesh Maitra - Raag Bhupal Todi
F.J. McMahon - Early Blue
Judee Sill - Crayon Angels
Isis - Backlit
Ween - Laura
Aux 88 - The Countdown

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