Tuesday, October 17, 2006

bury that flu

Lord relieve me from this viral attack.
Get thee gone from my neck.
Give me back my faculties.

Ach well.
Meanwhile here is some kind of
cure I mixed up rough and ready style in my sonic cauldron.
Newts and frogs all round but no octopi or eels in any Japanese places.

Potion may include:

burial - southern comfort
helios - velius
booker t and mgs - sweet potato
tori amos - god (carl craig mix)
delmore brothers - blues stay away from me
black dog - drexian R.I.D.E.
jack and the rippers - heart attack
eric burdon and the new animals - paint it black (live)
luxurious bags - (unknown)
andi thakambau - isa lei (from Fiji)

length 21:53
size 15 mb


hungbunny said...

No one else is doing stuff like this. Genius.

dweller said...

Thanks very much for saying so.

Maybe the swollen glands and fever helped.

It was one of those '3 winamps in a row, lets go for it' mixes. Though I did splice the Fijian one at the end.