Thursday, April 12, 2007


christ he has risen
and the headache in his temples is
fortified by the spring sun

sniff a rose and prick your bottom lip

an excercise in wrong speed techno

infiltrator - the fugitive from Tibet
Lothar and the hand people - rose colored glasses
The Congos - congoman
MC 900 ft Jesus - the city sleeps
Uusitalo - Nokkonen palvaunilla
Oliver Shanti & friends - Donovan my timeless cosmic friends
Karen Dalton - In the evening (from cafe a go go source)
Robert Hood - Public Enemy No. 1
family of god - funny love
Dominik Eulberg - Bjvrn Borkenkdfer (Edit)
boredoms - seadrum

size 25.5mb
length 34:21
rose.mp3 100kbps average variable bitrate LAME encoder


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