Thursday, January 04, 2007

Franklin my dear

Wilkommen and Bienvenue to the annus newus.
Take a boat trip up to the icy dark northern seas.
On board a ship with poor Lord Franklin.
Stuck between quickly freezing arctic ice flows,
his ship and crew lost forever.
Only the mournful voice of a friend left behind to tell the tale.

And inbetween all that a bunch of music and voices all thrown together,
telling of Saddam, life on the Welsh coast, the twee sixties, fried heads and Spanish acid.
Oh Lordy Lordy its time for another child without an iPod.

Night Blossoms Written in Sanskrit - The North Sea & Rameses III
Lord Franklin - Pentangle
The Villagers Dream - Dylan Thomas (read by Richard Burton et al)
Crimson - Fursaxa
Drunk on Salt Water - Xela
I'm living in the room they found Saddam in - Julian Cope
Pin Point Eyes - Iggy and the Stooges
Tiffany Rings - Gandalf
We Did It Again - The Soft Machine
Idiota - Nena Daconte
Red A1 - Universal Indicator
Butterfly - Simon Finn
Lord Franklin - Folkdove

Size 23.04mb
Length 33.33.333

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